Here at HDO Sport we are always looking for breakthroughs in innovation and technology, for the next best thing in sports, fitness, and outdoor life. However, because of this, there is often a learning curve gap, a product, technology, advancement, etc. that has proven benefits, but not everyone is aware of those benefits or possibly they are have heard of it but never have had it explained or demonstrated. A brand or product might come out with something that catches fire because of the great benefits users find, but with a higher price tag we might find some customers asking "so what's the big deal?" or maybe not even going that far to ask or even be aware yet of that better product with advanced technologies and attributes. It is for this reason we have created this section of our website, to touch on subject matters for any technology and/or innovation for which we have either had repeated questions about or simply have had customer responses saying "I wish I knew about this earlier". Maybe you've seen other's working out in compression but never bothered to look into it or question why? Noticed the range of choices for watches others are wearing and still have a cheap stop watch with very simple functions and never really wondered if something alternative would be better? Unsure what the differences are in the very large varying types of footwear as you always assumed a sneaker is a sneaker and nothing more? Hopefully these pages can educate and cover the key points saving you from having to scour the internet for answers. If there are any subject matters, products, features, etc. not covered that you have questions about, contact us and ask away. We are always excited about all the breakthroughs we see in products and brands we have close relationships with and love to talk about them and explain them.

Or quite simply you just want to learn from our experts experiences, hear what they have to say. Here in this section we both asked our experts advise on frequently asked questions as well as let them touch on subject they just were dying to talk about.