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Suunto Spartan Sport Watch & Wrist Heart Rate Monitor

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Progress beyond logic

Logic says we should not be here. It says it’s not logical to step outside when everyone else is still asleep. It says two minutes faster is not realistic. Logic tells us to rest when we are tired and to give up when it hurts. But we choose to ignore it because we are not logical beings. We are beyond logic.

Suunto Spartan Solution

The long-awaited next generation of Suunto multisport watches is soon here. The Suunto Spartan solution for athletic and adventure multisport comprises of Spartan GPS watches, renewed Suunto's service and mobile smart phone applications for both iPhone and Android. Stay tuned for more updates.

With dozens of sport modes pre-installed in the watch, Suunto Spartan Ultra is ready to go for nearly any kind of activity right out of the box. With GPS, FusedSpeed, heart rate measurement and in-built accelerometer, it accurately tracks your training and provides versatile insights on your progress for a multitude of sports. Carefully designed sport-specific color displays give you accurate feedback about your training.

See overviews and basic details such as duration, distance and speed – for more targeted training in popular sports like cycling, you can choose sport modes such as Interval, Race, Long ride or Indoor. Barometric altitude and heart rate monitoring (optional) add to a wide range of valuable feedback you get right from the watch.


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