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HDO Work Retractable Id Badge Reel Pop Culture Popular Cartoon Designs


Who says ID holders should be plain and boring? These HDO Work Retractable Badges with popular cartoon designs are the fun and fashionable accessories to shake up your outfit! From Mickey Mouse to Buzz Lightyear and many more, these retractable badges are designed with some of the most iconic cartoon characters ever.

These stylish ID badges come with a retractable cord and a snap-badge holder for your identification card. It is designed with a clip-on mechanism to secure the badge and keep your ID in place. A convenient way to express your fun-loving nature while ensuring that your ID card won’t fall off easily.

This retractable ID holder is perfect for health workers, educators, and other professionals who want to proudly display their badge at work in a cute and fun way! It is available in many iconic designs. Choose your favorite animated character and you will love how it adds charm to your uniform or outfit.

  • Retractable for easier visibility.
  • Practical, convenient features.
  • Easy clip on and off.
  • Fun, cute and fashionable.

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