Danner DXT Comfort Footbed


If your feet could design their own insoles, the DXT Comfort insole would be it. Its TPU X design support stabilizer cup and extra heel shock absorber protect feet from slippage and jarring. A layer of slow-rebound memory foam conforms to your foot-shape every time you step in. And the X-Static lining keeps your feet fungal-free and feeling as fresh and cool as a summer breeze. Treat your feet to DXT Comfort.

  • This technology uses a method of permanently bonding metallic silver to the fibers of fabric. Natural properties of the metal inhibit the growth of bacteria in the fibers of the fabric.
  • With a heel stabilizer cup for extra shock absorption and a layer of slow-rebound memory foam, this footbed provides exceptional comfort. An X-Static lining keeps your feet cool and fungus free.

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