Lowa Men's Mountain Insole
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Lowa Men's Mountain Insole


This LOWA Mountain Insole is specifically designed for men's mountaineering and backpacking models.  To create a high degree of comfort, it is designed with viscoelastic latex foam. Viscoelastic latex foam is made of a remarkable polymer that lends a special form memory to the foam. Once body heat or pressure is applied to the viscoelastic foam, the foam adapts exactly to these particular contours. This feature equally distributes pressure and eases stress on the feet. Creating a high degree of comfort and provides natural rolling prop­erties. The comfort is enhanced with the addition of wide-meshed polyester. This fiber is partic­ularly permeable to air, has special moisture-regu­lating qualities and is easy to care for, breathable and crease-resistant. We do offer a women's mountain insole as well.

  • Mountain Insole: designed for men's specific models
  • Replacement insoles: recommended for men's mountaineering, and men's backpacking models
  • Cushioning: Viscoelastic latex foam 
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