Bogs Women's Rainboot Ankle Glitter Rain Boots
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Bogs Women's Rainboot Ankle Glitter Rain Boots


From its inception Bogs has focused on comfort for your feet. Agriculture and work; Gardening and Fashion; Men, Women, and Kids; Bogs has been there with you the entire time.

Some of Bogs Featured Technologies:

  • REBOUND: Our proprietary cushioning technology, Rebound performs, well in cold conditions doesn’t compact down like other cushioning materials (eg. EVA, PU, gel, etc.)
  • LIGHTWEIGHT: Developed with our seamless construction process, the Bozeman is 30% lighter than comparable insulated boots.
  • DURAFRESH: Our odor reduction technology, DuraFresh, is a 100% natural organic biotechnology. It fights odors over the life of the boot.
  • ENHANCED DURABILITY: Built with seamless technology, the Bozeman has been tested to 1400 miles in cold conditions.
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