Louis Garneau

Louis Garneau P-09 Cycling Helmet


The next generation of TT helmets is here. A true revolution in aerodynamic helmets, they are designed to be faster than the competition and developed with Alphamantis. The P-09 helmet utilizes the innovative technology of the Vorttice helmet with improved aerodynamics, better ventilation and an enhanced lens system. The frontal surface is reduced to a minimum, making the helmet more compact. The inferior part of the tail is reversed for a better airflow at the shoulders, and a Speed Port allows air that enters at the front of the helmet to exit through vents behind the ears to release any pressure. A better vent position combined with additional and deeper evacuation channels allow a better airflow for improved ventilation. The improved lens system includes a visor that lifts up--and can be easily removed with one hand-- for a fast and easy transition.


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