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Kamik Women's Canuck Winter Boots

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As Canadians, we at Kamik have a special connection with the outdoors. With access to all terrains in our very own backyard, we believe that the best conditions to go outside are all conditions. There is no such thing as bad weather. Only bad footwear. That’s why we test each and every product before they step out the door. Everything we do, we do it so families can trust that our products stand tough no matter what.

From domestic production to our recycling program to greener manufacturing initiatives, we’re doing everything we can do reduce our carbon footprint. It’s a commitment to our natural playground. And a dedication to products families can feel good about wearing.

Our line of Winter Boots, Rain boots, Hikers, and Sandals have been keeping men, women and kids safe, dry, and comfortable since 1898.

Kamik’s Key Factos on Sustainability:

  • 73% of products are made in North America
  • 0 Waste target production plant
  • 100% Waste recycling target

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