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Exped Luminous Gear Loft Tent

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The Luminous Gear Loft turns your headlamp into a chandelier in your tent. The integrated conical mesh pouch diffuses the light and converts cold LED light into a soft, warm glow. The pouch accommodates headlamps, torches and other lamps that can be attached to the central anchor point. The raised corners of the gear loft hold personal items in place.

  • Dimensions: 31.5 × 15.7 in
  • weight: 35 g
  • matches to: Orion II, Orion II Extreme, Orion II UL, Orion III, Orion III Extreme, Orion III UL, Venus II, Venus II Extreme, Venus II UL, Venus III, Venus III DLX, Carina II

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