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Bauerfeind Compression Training Socks

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Stability and muscle stimulation

Different zones in the socks will support you during daily exercise and help to achieve your individual training goals. The sock’s built-in taping zone improves stability in the ankle, while its muscle-toning zone stimulates the calf muscles during movement.

Muscle stimulation

The socks are anatomically contoured for right and left leg and stimulate muscles during movement. The socks can also be used after training to help muscles recover faster so you feel less sore. The need for compression socks is not limited to athletes. If you experience swelling, pain and tired legs or if you travel frequently, have varicose veins or are pregnant, compression socks can give your legs the relief you desire.

Soft knit fabric

The breathable material is comfortable to wear and wicks moisture away from the body to keeps the feet cool. Get the most out of your sports training and your daily activities with Bauerfeind’s Compression Socks Training.

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